Wednesday, August 17, 2022

April 2022

Are you tired of beach pictures? No? Great.

Playing in the front. 
I bought an Easter lily at the grocery store. They're probably tied with lilacs for being my favorite flowers. One year I bought one and planted it outside. It grew, and the next year it was probably 1-2 days away from blooming, and a %##(& beetle bit through the stem.
Climbing at Emily Carr park, where we've become regulars and made some friends!
We decided to roast marshmallows in the fireplace one day and make s'mores.


March 2022

Jane made Pokemon-shaped cookies to share with her friends.
Visiting Alice's favorite, Gyro park.

Jane wearing her new plaid pants

I made a chocolate mousse pie for Pi day!


A very Canadian outfit. Love my Kids in the Hall.
It's a bit hard to read.  Arrow pointing left - Nice drink. Arrow pointing ahead - Not sure, maybe bears! (We did stop for a drink. And Nanaimo bars, because this was on our trip to Nanaimo!)
I made them climb the tower.

Nanaimo is about two hours from Victoria. We had Andy's student Katie came watch the dog to make travel a bit easier. 

Alice did NOT sleep well, and so, none of us did.
Jane has been cooking her own omelets!

I found this fireplace set. I'm trying to sell it, but also, I just love it.
Hiking one day

We spotted jellyfish in the water off the dock!
Ripley always looking to dig and eat sand. We've started muzzling her at the beach after she made herself sick recently!