Tuesday, May 5, 2020

The Last Move

We've got another move on our horizon. Luckily for us, it isn't for another year. Andy accepted a job at the University of Victoria! We'll be leaving Bristol next May (probably) and starting our move to Canada. Our loose plan right now is to travel to Michigan and California (and possibly Texas to clear out our storage unit) before ending up in Victoria. Permanently!

Of course, who knows what travel will be like a year from now. But something like that!

Alice is walking now, just a few steps at a time, but she stands steadily. We go out for walks every few days. Jane has a few daily tasks and we're keeping up with our M-F YouTube PE lessons. It's not the same as walking four miles a day to/from school, but it helps. We can definitely see a difference in Jane on the days she doesn't do it. She's very bouncy.

Andy is doing his best to get work done and we're getting into a sort of rhythm. We're a few days into night-weaning Alice, which means everyone is moved around right now, but we'll be back to normal soon. She did successfully sleep through one night already and only had one wakeup last night. We WILL get her to sleep all the way through regularly!

Most importantly, we are all healthy. Andy and I have decided to make use of our Disney+ subscription and watch all the Marvel movies. We sometimes make Jane watch nature documentaries instead of Power Rangers. We make a lot of desserts.

Official paperwork!

 Celebratory champagne (and apple juice)
 One of our walks to the Downs
 Jane climbed up with the help of dad! She said "I feel like I can do anything!"

 A Jane tunnel
 Playing Rhino Hero

 There was no hunting for eggs, but we made an Easter bunny cake.
 Learning about the copper-cleaning power of vinegar and salt
 What of it, dude?

 An ongoing armor-making project
 Bread and jam

 Gluten-free flour has been hard to find (until someone pointed out that we can buy it from the coffee shop across the street) and a kind neighbour on our WhatsApp chat brought some to our door so we could make cookies one day.
 Quarantine stage: Braiding

 Jane doing some work

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Isolation Life

First of all, we're all fine. I mean, I have a cold (somehow!) but we've been inside but for necessities for a month now. Jane's school closed three weeks ago, Andy stopped going to work four weeks ago, Alice had chickenpox so it was a good time to quarantine her anyway. Since we've been using grocery delivery for over a year, we're able to just continue with it--they aren't accepting any new customers. We've only gone to the physical grocery store once since the lockdown began, trying to avoid it if we can. I did have to pick up a prescription a few weeks ago, too, so I did all that in one trip. The lines weren't too long to get in.

Anyway, I just figured I'd put up a bunch of pictures.
 Climate strike in Bristol when Greta Thunberg was here. Seems like ages ago! We couldn't see her, but we could hear her a bit.

 Jane being Spider Gwen, with Alice helping.

 Climbing on Andy
 Andy's getting tons of work done at home, as you can see.

 This is a game called Rhino Hero. Andy wisely ordered five new games for us before we were locked down. This one involves placing folded cards on top of roofs and putting the rhino character on different levels.

 Hanging up laundry
 Alice playing with Dad

 Smiles with Mom
 PE with Joe--Fancy Dress Friday! Joe Wicks, a PE teacher/fitness instructor, is doing live PE classes on YouTube at 9 AM (our time) Monday-Friday until classes resume. Jane hasn't missed a day! He encourages people to dress up on Fridays. I've done the workouts with her most days. They're not easy!
 Alice loves barbecue sauce.
 And beans.

 There is a seagull who visits our windowsill most days. Alice and I will go over to the window and say hi, stepping closer slowly until it flies off. We don't feed it, I don't know why it visits. But it's become a thing. We call it Gadget.

 I'll get you next time, Gadget!
 Some sunny day pictures from what feels like a long time ago. Not that it hasn't been sunny. Just that we haven't been out to enjoy it lately!

 Alice kept picking up clementines out of the box and chewing on them, so this time I let her--peel and all!
 More strike photos

 Made a cake and tried using piping bags for the first time.

 OK, can we get a picture of the three of us?
 Where no one's slobbery hands are on anyone else's faces?
 All right.

 Jane got to be the bell-ringer at school one morning, which tells everyone it's time to line up with your classes. So that must have been in February, probably!
 Only seven hundred nineteen more entertainments to go. (Anyone get it? Libby?)
 Combing her hair

 Working hard


 Standing tall (and unassisted) in her sister's old shirt!
 OMG! There's no fusilli!
 Stay safe, Stay Silly
 Lilac buds

 We made gluten-free bread. It turned out well, but we don't have a bread pan, so it baked in our cast iron.

 Figuring out her score (using multiplication! in the game Kingdomino.
 Jane and Andy created a beautiful restaurant in our living room the other night. Jane was maitre d.
 The table, with 3-D printed Earth lamp as centerpiece.
 Crackling fire