Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Eight months (tomorrow)

Jane's still deciding what she thinks about this 'sleep-coaching' thing we're doing. She's not so sure, I think.
She went down in less than ten minutes on Monday night, and over two hours last night. What was the difference? Who knows. But the good news is, she stayed in her crib until 3 last night, and when she came into our bed, she just slept instead of trying to convince us it was play time. The bad news about last night is that she went to bed around nine, the same time I did. That's not enough sleep (for her or for me)!

Here's our girl, working on crawling
 "I didn't do it."

 Beloved butterfly chewy toy

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Anniversary to us

I know Andy thinks it's silly, but I still keep tabs on our "dating" anniversary, which happens to be today.  Nine years!!

Also, today is my grandma's birthday.  She's got 80 years on us.

We had a woman come over and talk about how best to get Jane to sleep in her crib (and ideally, stay there).  We're only a few nights in with mixed results, but we've got more of a plan now.  And someone to email for suggestions if the plan needs tweaking.

Anyway, on to the main attraction:

Standing with Daddy (I wish these vertical pictures didn't show up so small!)
 Hey, Mom!

 Can I have that thing?
 Wiggle monster

 New skill!
 Working at her desk
 No, don't eat the crayons.
 Can I eat the ocarina?  Sure.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

7 Months

Jane is such a big girl. Andy found that her first tooth erupted this morning (or shortly before)! If you help her, she stands pretty securely, and Andy even got her to take some (assisted) steps the other day. I hope she doesn't skip crawling, though. It's super-cute.

We've been working on making a consistent nighttime routine so that we can mess it all up and get back into her crib. Well, that's only sort-of the case. We've been making little changes gradually, but when it comes from moving to her crib, it's an all-or-nothing proposition. If she sleeps well today at daycare, tonight is the night we'll attempt her move back to her own room. And I'll finally be able to pull the blankets up as high as I please again.

She had started communicating by way of shriek. It's cute or grating, depending on our moods. Nin told us that at daycare, she started doing it during the other kids' nap time. Oops!

My mom made Jane a hat, so let's get to the pictures.
 I am a Cabbage Patch doll.
 Look at me!
 Oh hi, Brisco!
 Could we be any cuter?
 Getting ready to munch
 She gets beyond excited for her cup of water.
 Daddy got these shots while I ran in to pick something up at the store.