Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Little Behind

My mom informed me I am behind on posting once a week.  Huh.

Have a bunch of pictures!

Sleepy Jane in her carseat
 Carrying her lunch bag
 At the opening of a new market.  They have great cider donuts!  Lots of kid-friendly activities.
 Jane won a prize!
 Riding a tractor

 Riding the trolley
 At a different children's event.  Something in Brattleboro, VT.

 Jane got a glitter tattoo.  It lasted for ages.
 Helping to cook.  I think this was teriyaki noodles.
 Hiking at the Quabbin Reservoir.

 Playing with Calvin

 Feeling the fire with Dr. Mark
 Visiting the corn maze.  My friend Lindsey from high school lives in CT now, and came to meet up with us.  This is really the only picture that proves we saw each other!  She's in the purple coat.
 The corn maze was Alice in Wonderland-themed, and this was a room they built that was supposed to make you look really tall or something.  I couldn't get it to work for me.  Maybe my brain is too smart.  But there's Jane, anyway.

 She had a really good time running around, and picking directions for us to walk, even though she usually led us astray.
 They also had animals.

 Jane got some sunglasses as a prize at the dentist.
 Grandma and Grandpa visited!
 One morning we went to Mister G's Halloween concert.  I suggested we find a cafe and get a muffin or something before it started.  Instead we ended up at a fancy bakery, so we HAD to eat things like cupcakes and eclairs.  It was rough.

 Jane didn't last long in her costume.  We saw a lot of Elsas.

 Oh, right!  This was when our well started bringing up silt, and the water was undrinkable and we couldn't wash.  So the idea of carving a pumpkin and scooping out guts and being unable to wash your hands, not so appealing.  Grandma Wendy drew a face on the pumpkin.  Brisco licked some of it off.
 Getting set up for a portrait.  Belly!

 Breakfast sitting next to Grandma
 Andy and I went to DC to look at apartments.  We took Jane's Buppy Bunny so she could see pictures of what the bunny (and we) were doing.  I didn't realize how much this shirt looks like not-a-shirt.  Noted.  Also of note, we were sitting in the shade of the monument.  So were several other people.  It's very open out there.
 This is where Andy will be spending time working!
 And again!
 And there's me, checking out fossils in the basement of the museum.  We may have set off an alarm while we were there.  (We had a guide!)

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Yay, Uncle Keith is here!
 Don't know why this won't go to the center for me.  Jane loves the swings, though!
 She calls this guy "Super Garbanzo."  Pretty close.

Sunday, July 19, 2015


Big news!  Andy's been offered a post-doc position at the National Museum of Natural History.  Do you know that by name?  I didn't.  Let me put it this way: The Smithsonian.  

We'll be moving to D.C. in December or January 2016.

Let's get to some pictures!

We took Jane to the Green River Festival a few weeks ago.  It was a long, hot day, but Jane did well, even though we kept her up past her bedtime.  (We were having trouble getting this video rotated.  Apologies if you have to turn your computer.)  I just tried putting this on youtube, so let's see how it works:

 Jane, Mom, Aunt Cat in front of the elk statue on the Southwell Estates, for Jasmine's wedding.
 Also, there's a chicken statue, of course.
 Cheese table at the reception.  Cat asked us to take this picture.
 Out to breakfast the next day.  It took forever.
 At the Hands-On Museum in A2
 Cool network with tubes and stuff for the balls to travel
 Water play area
 Aunt Cat playing in the water
 Rock wall
 Cool little floor thing where you could chase the balls, or pop the popcorn (not shown).  I think this was the little boy who ran up and gave Jane a kiss.  We didn't know him.
 Jane driving the (b)ambulance
 Hiking with Dad
 Jane was obsessed with the CamelBak.
 It is no joke to carry her on your back.
 Back at the Green River Festival because I can't put things in order.  Jane liked watching the balloons get filled and take off.
 Our flower!

 Feeding some of her animals

 Wearing Daddy's old hat
 Driving the Forester
 And, for reference, pictures of Jane from last July.

And one from the July before that.