Thursday, January 15, 2015


I know I'm way behind.  I have an excuse though, I spent nine days in the hospital and had surgery on my lung.  I had a spontaneous pneumothorax, or, my lung collapsed for no reason.  They thought I could recover with just a chest tube, but I turned out to need surgery.

I'm home now and have had my mom come out, and now Andy's mom is here helping.  I can lift Jane but have been sharing the duty.  I think I'm recovering pretty well and even got to the grocery store yesterday.  I get winded if I carry Jane up the stairs and then read her a story, though.

Anyway, Jane is doing well, especially considering that I was gone so long.  Let me see if I can find a few pictures.

Oh, and "blebs" are the air bubbles one gets in his or lung when it collapses.  What I had to have removed was actually bigger than a bleb.  A super-bleb?

Jane, Mom and Dad at the Play Date Place (a children's village that had a grocery store, a park, a fire station, cars to drive, etc.)
 Jane in the Snow White (I think?) sweater and cloak that Grandma Mary Lynn knit years ago, before there even was a Jane!
 Unfortunately, Jane, my mom, and Andy all got colds while I was in the hospital.  But Jane felt up to modeling this dress that Great-grandma Agnes sent her for Christmas.
I won't say that Jane is napping now, because no mom would ever jinx it like that.  But we're all trying to take it easy and get back to a somewhat normal routine.