Thursday, October 30, 2014

Stylin' Jane

Jane has the coolest clothes out of all of us.

 Cute belted sweater on a nice fall day (looking artistically off into the distance...)
 Smiling for Daddy
 Daddy and Jane
 Getting squirmy
 Speaking of sweater-weather, here's a sweater that Grandma Mary Lynn made.  It fits pretty well.
 Jane, where's Uncle Matt?
 There he is!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Our Autumn

A lot has changed since the last post.  I started a new job shortly after that, working for a woman named Lea as her personal assistant.  Part of what we spend our days doing is maintaining and updating her Etsy store, so, shameless plug: The Domestic Darling on Etsy

Lea sells vintage items on her store.  I was a model of one outfit (pictured on the site).  Other than that, I help prep meals, do dishes, sweep, vacuum, make phone calls, whatever needs doing.  She's fun and we're getting into a good swing, I think.  It's only three days a week, so that means more time at home with Jane.  (And less money, but if anyone's figured out how to have it both ways, let me know.)

The job is north of us, which meant that I had to drive Andy and Jane to their destinations (south) and then backtrack, wave to the dog as I passed by our place, and then keep going until I got to work.  It simply would not do.  So we bought a cheap car.  It has really simplified the days for me.  And there are pictures of it!

There are lots of pictures in general, so let's get to it!

Me in a vintage power suit at work
 Cat came to visit!  She trimmed Jane's bangs, which desperately needed it.
 Hold still...  (She did great!)

 Cat lives in California.  Can you tell?  She and Jane had some awesome playtime together.
 Cat being awesome.  On this trip, she signed my 7th grade yearbook.  From 1997.

 OK, OK, enough pictures that aren't of the baby.  Sleeping Jane!
 Andy went to get her up after an especially long nap.  She didn't wake up, so he kept taking pictures.
 And then she did.

 Here's our new car, named Doris.  She is a 1991 Chrysler New Yorker, Fifth Avenue.  She's kind of a beast.  It is SO nice to be able to take this to work, and then to have Andy take it (and leave me the baby-safe car) when he goes to work on my off-days.  Jane and I have run around a few times with the Subaru, just because we could.  When I'm home for four days in a row with her, this makes a huge difference!
 Since this car doesn't have a carseat, Jane doesn't actually get to ride in here.  But I thought it only fair to let her check it out.
 On the move
 I'm sure my dad is wondering if it has the retractable seatbelts that tuck you in.  It does not.  But the headlights go up and down.

Hmm, what else is new?  Jane's had a pretty bad diaper rash so we've been fighting that.  She had a doctor's appointment last week (and another one scheduled for Thursday) and is on some meds for that.  We've also switched out of the cloth diapers for now.  We washed them in bleach and won't go back to them until she's completely healed.  And hope that the cloth diapers aren't the problem.  She's due for another round of shots at this next appointment, including her flu shot.

She's taking more steps, though she still prefers to crawl.  She loves to crawl up the stairs, and is just starting to get curious about how the heck she might get down them.  So far, she's only gone from about two steps up, and tried to lower her leg back down, which was much more acceptable to me than if she tried it from the top-most step.

Oh, how could I forget?  She said "Dino" today!  :-D