Wednesday, November 2, 2016

So my phone is almost full... I thought I should drop some pictures here for you!

Andy's phone is the one that takes better pictures, so these aren't great, aren't always recent, and don't really reflect everything we've been doing.

Some of these pictures go way back.  I think this is from last January.  Brisco left us in June. :(  We're glad to have a lot of pictures of him.  And of course we still find his hair everywhere.
There are over 80 pictures, and the next six or so are sideways.  Sorry.  Jane with monster feet.

 Playing at Busy Bees, earlier this year
 Eh, I think this picture's already been posted here.  Jane with baby Kyla
 Inside the hamper
 Pushing George down the "slide"
 Big George and Little George.  Also Jane (maybe March?)

 Getting ready for the rain
 Too cool

 Playing at Barcroft park, which Jane calls the Purple Park, with no purple to be seen.
 Mom and Jane in a purple sweater knitted by Grandma Mary Lynn.  We just got it out of the closet for this season!

 Mickey Mouse sweater, gone through a lot of family kids


 Playing on the ipad at Grandma and Grandpa's house, must have been March
 Jane climbing a tree

 I left this dress in San Diego accidentally.

 Doctor Daddy

 Playing at the park
 Brisco at the park after the farmers market one Saturday
 You can't see it that well, but this is a framing store called Jeff's in Springfield, MA.  We love the Jeff's sign.
 Daddy and Jane sharing a smoothie that was, in all honesty, a shake.

 At the Air and Space annex with Grandma and Grandpa
 The "Wendy" with Grandma Wendy
 A little rain in Shirlington

 Daddy's shirt, shoes, and bag.

 On the Metro on the way to the zoo, June
 Tiger paws
 Riding a bear

 Swinging with Edward

 Best snuggle-buddy
 Jane (and Jane)'s birthday party!
 Sticker belly
 Jane's birthday present, a purple bike.  It was either too hot or too buggy to ride it, for months.

 Grandma Wendy braided Jane's hair
 Buzz Lightyear for Halloween!  She actually wore her pumpkin outfit, Buzz, and was Tweak the Octonaut with her friends Edward being Peso, and Phoebe being Dashi.  Now that Jane's three, I'm understanding a bit more what life in the parenting world is like!  Halloween started for us on Friday, and there were events every single day until Monday.  So now we're trying to figure out how to deal with all this candy...