Saturday, June 5, 2010

Uncle Traveling Matt

I've always told my brother (whose name is conveniently Matt) that when I have kids, he will have to be my children's Uncle Traveling Matt, like from Fraggle Rock. I'm looking forward to his making good on that.

I did get around to writing him that letter. One day at work I was talking to J about my older brother, and with nothing having been said to put this in her mind, she asked, "Did he already die?" I thought that was a funny if not morbid thing for a child her age (three) to wonder.

My letter was also full of completely random thoughts, because that's how I seem to function when I'm with Matt, or apparently, writing to him. I haven't seen him since this past Christmas, but when I do, I'm always reminded of the ways in which I'd like to be more like him. He's always had an air of not caring what other people think, and I appreciate that. I tend to dwell on that, mostly what people would think if I messed up in whatever I'm attempting. So better not to attempt, right? I've been trying to shake that.

I also received a letter yesterday from my friend Lindsey (from a few posts back) but I haven't opened it yet. It's sitting right over on the counter, but I keep seeing it as I'm heading out the door and don't pick it up right that second. I'll get to it. No need to rush.

Today I'm attempting to bake bread. Our sourdough starter works great for pancakes but is not so hot for actual bread-baking. I've added some additional yeast to it in the hopes that'll kick its butt into rising. And, since I'll have the oven on, I might as well make a loaf of rosemary olive oil bread. (Did I mention it has chocolate?)

It's Saturday and I'm sure I've missed the mail pick-up for today, but maybe I'll write something today or tomorrow and count it for this week's send-out. Not like anyone's holding me to this!