Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sixteen months

...and totally nailing it.  On our trip back to Michigan at the beginning of the month, Jane asked to go to the potty, and she's been basically potty-training herself ever since.

We've been sitting her on the potty since she was nine days old (but who's counting?) so she's definitely familiar with the concept.  She's been doing a better and better job of letting us know what she needs, so she's been wearing underwear at home for the past few weeks.  She's still having accidents, but she's really doing a great job.

She's saying a bunch more words lately, and responding to questions, usually with "Mm-hmm" or "Nope."

We lost power on Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, which also meant losing heat and water.  I've never lived anywhere where losing power meant losing water too, so we didn't think to fill our pitcher or water glasses or anything.  Thursday during the day we went to the lab, knowing that they'd have power, and then we went to the Leckies for the holiday meal as planned.  We hoped that we'd return to a warm and powered house, but we did not.  We called a few places to find a pet-friendly place with a vacancy, so we loaded everyone up and went to the Days Inn.  Jane went down for bed relatively easily, but was up around midnight and then thrashed in my bed with me for the next five hours.  We were relieved to get our power back around noon on Friday.

We took Jane out for a walk yesterday (once we knew we'd have a warm house to go back into) and then I made some hot chocolate for us all.  Really, it was warmed slightly-cream-colored sweetened milk that might have resembled a chocolate flavor.  But she seemed to enjoy it.

 In her hat that Grandma Mary Lynn made

 Actually keeping her slippers on!
 Relaxing on the stairs
 Awaiting her hot chocolate

 She looks kind of unimpressed, don't you think?
I tried to get a picture of them holding hands, but when Jane heard the camera, she let go.
Riding in the office chair at the lab
 Out for a walk in the snow

Andy giving Jane a ride on the spinny office chairs

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween and Pan de Muerto

First of all, I need to announce my fame.  I was on the radio last Friday, winning the "Spanish word of the week" on 93.9.  The word (phrase) was "Pan de muerto," which means Bread of the Dead, somehow related to the Mexican tradition of Day of the Dead.  But the important thing about winning that is that I got a certificate for two free burritos.  Which we ate and enjoyed a few nights ago.

On to pictures.

I take Jane trick-or-treating in at businesses in a nearby town.  Andy couldn't make it, so we recreated it at home for him.  Her favorite part was dropping candy into her bag.  And, once we got home, putting a bowl on her head.

 Our little jack o'lantern!

 Crinkly-nosed girl
 Pick one...
 Now put it in the bag...

 Mismatched PJs and shades

 Mom and Jane
 Jane's foot