Sunday, May 15, 2016

Here is the Title

There's a van we walk past all the time and Jane would always talk about the "Buzz part."  Do you see it?  She brought her Buzz along once and I took a picture for comparison.

 Dad and Jane at a park after the farmers' market
 We went back to Massachusetts the weekend before last for commencement.  Jane got to visit her old daycare and some old friends.
 Jane and Grace
 Jane showing Uncle Keith and Grandma Wendy how she feeds Donkey Oatey
 Look, Grandma, how much there is to do at Nin's!
 Nin even got donuts as a special treat for Jane's visit
 Another day, Serena had recommended an indoor playplace called Billy Beez.  It was AWESOME.  It wasn't just like "oh, come with your kid and adults are allowed too."  The slides were huge and some of them steep and scary even for me.  It took Jane a long time to warm up to the slides, but the rainbow ones were a clear winner and she took turns running the adults back up to them.  There's supposed to be one opening up about 45 minutes from here, and I hope we'll make the trip.  It was that fun.