Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Playing catsup

CM Burns: "Ketchup, catsup. Ketchup, catsup."

I'm behind on blogs and letters already. Oops!

In my last post, I mentioned that my m-i-l is way better at sending notes and cards than anyone I know. So naturally I wrote her a nice card telling her how great it is to be her daughter-in-law (awwww).

I haven't figured out to whom my next letter should go. It's kind of sad how after three or four pieces, I'm scrounging through friends/acquaintances. Maybe it's just hard because I'm a procrastinator. We'll go with that.

USPS is getting more serious about getting rid of Saturday delivery. It would still have to be approved by Congress, but if approved, we would be Saturday-less by mid-2011. Article here.

I'll think of a really, really good letter for later this week. Maybe I'll take my camera and have a picture-filled entry of a trip to the post office to buy two-cent stamps!