Sunday, July 19, 2015


Big news!  Andy's been offered a post-doc position at the National Museum of Natural History.  Do you know that by name?  I didn't.  Let me put it this way: The Smithsonian.  

We'll be moving to D.C. in December or January 2016.

Let's get to some pictures!

We took Jane to the Green River Festival a few weeks ago.  It was a long, hot day, but Jane did well, even though we kept her up past her bedtime.  (We were having trouble getting this video rotated.  Apologies if you have to turn your computer.)  I just tried putting this on youtube, so let's see how it works:

 Jane, Mom, Aunt Cat in front of the elk statue on the Southwell Estates, for Jasmine's wedding.
 Also, there's a chicken statue, of course.
 Cheese table at the reception.  Cat asked us to take this picture.
 Out to breakfast the next day.  It took forever.
 At the Hands-On Museum in A2
 Cool network with tubes and stuff for the balls to travel
 Water play area
 Aunt Cat playing in the water
 Rock wall
 Cool little floor thing where you could chase the balls, or pop the popcorn (not shown).  I think this was the little boy who ran up and gave Jane a kiss.  We didn't know him.
 Jane driving the (b)ambulance
 Hiking with Dad
 Jane was obsessed with the CamelBak.
 It is no joke to carry her on your back.
 Back at the Green River Festival because I can't put things in order.  Jane liked watching the balloons get filled and take off.
 Our flower!

 Feeding some of her animals

 Wearing Daddy's old hat
 Driving the Forester
 And, for reference, pictures of Jane from last July.

And one from the July before that.