Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Michigan Trip

Jane and I made a quick jaunt to Michigan this past weekend.  My grandma needed surgery at the U of M hospital, so the timing worked out that she and my aunt were around too.  The surgery went well and we all got to visit a bit.

M@ and I went to see the Kids in the Hall on Saturday night, which was amazing from the FRONT ROW!  A feather fell off the Chicken Lady's costume, so I'm now the proud owner of that!  They didn't come out to do autographs in between shows, and I wasn't up for staying there until well after midnight.  But it was really fun and exciting.  M@'s phone died on the way in so we had to call someone for directions.  We also got some Culver's along the way, which we don't have in Massachusetts, so I enjoyed that.  I don't usually go for fast food, but they are an exception.  How can you go wrong at the home of the Butterburger?

I don't know what kind of face that is.
 That's better.
 Jane and Great-grandma Agnes, enjoying some sunshine

 Do I have to wear this hat?
 No seriously, do I?
 Pam got Jane some not-sandals.

 A knit dress from Grandma Mary Lynn.  Dad didn't bother to take her other dress off first.  He also put it on backwards.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Just like Mom

Jane loves blueberry pancakes, just like her mom.  Even without syrup, she still managed to get plenty messy.
We did a few neighborhood walks with me trying out the Poco pack.  It's not easy, but it wasn't as hard as I thought it'd be.  I'm certainly not up for hiking in it, but walking on the paved street was fine.  It did start to rain on the way back, which meant a much-quickened pace, which was tough.
 She loves the mesh part.  And she loves smiling at her daddy.
 I just love the blurry shots!

It was only a few days ago that her nose finally stopped running and she finally seems over her cold.  She had a really terrible night last Wednesday, the worst of her life.  She was crying and wouldn't nurse or calm down to sleep for four hours.  I've been going to bed increasingly later (sometimes 9!) because she's been doing so much better, so that huge interruption hit us all hard.  On the beginning end of the night, she is a total pro at going to sleep.  Lately she's been waking up around 3-4 and needing to come into bed with us, but last night it was 11:30.  It's hard because we know she can sleep through the night.  Oh well, she'll get there.

This weekend we weren't up for hiking but we did walk into the center of town.  It's a little over two miles there and back, and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

It seems like something must be bothering her, with her early wake-ups and semi-fussiness of recent mornings, and our best guess is teeth.  She's only had just the bottom two for quite some time now.

Jane's having a good time crawling around our living room and kitchen.  Now, if only we could get our dishwasher fixed!