Friday, February 28, 2014

I am sick

So it seems like as good a time as any to share my thoughts on this very important matter:

Could bacon packaging be any worse?  I mean, really.  It's in a non-resealable plastic pouch, and inside of that, the bacon is stacked overlapping, with the top-most piece being hidden under a cardboard-ish brand identifier/what-not.  You have to fully pull all of the bacon out of the pouch and then remove the cardboard in order to get to the top piece.

Am I missing something?  Is there a better way to get into bacon that I don't know yet?  Or is it, as I suspect, the worst packaging that there is?  I think this is where the money is.  Better bacon packaging.

Sigh.  Get well soon, me.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Just illin'

Jane's been sick for over a week now.  Her first cold, if you can call it that, just gave her a runny nose for less than 24 hours.  This, however, has not been easily shaken.

We took her to her pediatrician on Tuesday and found out she doesn't have an ear infection, but that the cold will just need to run its course.  Benadryl has been helping to dry her out a little, but she hates taking it.  She's back to sleeping in the carseat, which isn't great (but out of our bed, which is!) and we'll attempt again to get back to normal sleeping habits and locations once she's healthy.

Her cough really sounds angry and she hates having her nose wiped.  Andy spent all week at home with her, where she'd only nap on his shoulder.  She did manage to nap in our bed yesterday, which was nice because I was able to wash her toys while she slept.

Anyway, the important part of any post:

 These cute socks came from the Peras but were already too small for Jane's feet by the time we got them, so we figured she should at least have monster-hands once.
 "I'm a monsterrrrrrr!"
 One day when it wasn't 0 degrees, we decided to bundle up and let Jane check out the snow.
 I think she had a good time.
 So did Brisco.  He's dug himself a few little burrows.
 Plopped in the snow
 Wanna eat it?
 Dad and Jane

Reaching for the camera
She really is an amazing baby.  Besides crying when we have to give her the second dropper of Benadryl and not wanting to be put down, she's been in really good spirits and you wouldn't know she was sick.  Until, you know, you saw her nose explode.

We're hoping her next illnesses won't take her down quite as hard--she missed the entire last week of daycare!  Of course, that might have been overly-cautious parents there.  Who's to say.

In other news, it's been ten years since I came back from Ecuador.  It's hard to believe.  It was probably the single-most transformative experience in my life up to having Jane, if you can count six months filled with experiences as one "experience."  I hope that Jane's able to have a moment/s like I did, that take courage and show her her mettle.

Check me out!  Just carrying a balsa tree fresh from the Ecuadorian jungle, NBD.
Good times.  :-)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bath time

Now that you've seen the cuteness, I can go on a bit of a rant.  She's sleeping terribly.  We don't know if it's due to teething, starting solid foods, being on the verge of crawling, starting daycare last week, or getting a cold.  She has not been napping well at home for several weeks now, but now it's affecting night as well.  In order to help her sleep, particularly during the height of her cold (it now seems to be tapering off), she came into bed with us when she'd wake up.  But last night, she started out the night in there, after about three hours of trying to get her down into her crib.  I'll admit it wasn't three hours straight, I fell asleep in the rocking chair with her for probably about an hour.  But she would NOT let me lay her down.  Andy just vacated, because he doesn't like sleeping in the bed with her because he worries about smothering her.  So, really no one slept well.  Well, she probably slept fine.  Until she decided it was time to get up at 5:15, and hasn't been back down yet (five hours later).

Right now she's on her tummy, pushing her feet against the couch, and shaking her head.  She's in good spirits.  But when she doesn't get good sleep all day, it makes her nights much harder, like we're starting from a negative point rather than zero.

And, of course, it's hard on us.  This is Andy's first weekend home in ages, and we've mostly spent it alternating trying to get her down.  He went out and ran some errands yesterday, and we all took a walk, but the bulk of the time has been spent being frustrated.

I put an email out to our childbirth ed. teacher to see if she has any words of wisdom for us.

I think Jane's ready for a diaper change.  If you have sleep-ideas, leave a comment!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Round 2

Let's see if I remembered how to Internet.

Yay!  It worked.  Here she is, trying banana for the first time.

 Oh, I have banana all over my hand?  You want me to grab your camera?

Six months

It's hard to believe Jane is six months old.  She's starting daycare tomorrow!

I think I've forgotten how to use the internet.  Only some of the pictures are showing up to upload, so I'll just do those for now.  Her first-food pictures will have to wait.

Were you waiting for me to crawl?
 Skyping with Grandma Wendy
 New ball
 Was that the Bat Signal?
 Who is this beast before me?
 Happy girl
 Bad to the bone in her Minnie Mouse vest