Sunday, May 26, 2013

32, 33, and He-Man!

I forgot to take pictures last week.  Last Saturday Andy left to be a sailor for a few days and took my internet connecting-abilities with him.  We had rainy weather in Massachusetts, and high winds and torrential rain out at sea, so I'm told.  There was also a "take cover" alert for Montague the evening Andy got back, so we elected to skip our last childbirth ed. class.  We sat in the hallway, took the laptop, and listened to some serious rain fall quickly.  We didn't see any of the golf-ball sized hail that was not too far away.

Anyway, some pictures:

 Me in a maternity shirt that I've been pictured in before, but it's fitting a little differently now.

We spent most of the day yesterday running some errands for Jane's arrival.  We got a gift certificate to a store in Northampton from the people at my work, and we spent most of that.  We got a selection of cloth diapers, a crib sheet, some pacifiers, a sun hat, and probably some other stuff.  Today we've been cleaning up the house, which is something at which I've been increasingly failing.  My energy level is decreasing each day and I've even been having some nausea in the afternoons lately.  Overall these aren't terrible things, but it means that when I do have a good day with higher energy, most of that goes to undoing all the laziness/unkemptness of the previous days.

But the fun part was working on Jane's room!  Why yes, that is a stool on top of a chair, why do you ask?
 I think we'll be getting a glider rocker instead of the wooden chair that's there.  And I suppose the stool will find a new home.  You can see above the crib some of the butterfly decals that were part of the gift set that included the tree.
 Here you can see (on the far left) the growth chart that was a shower gift.  We also put up this wall hanging, which has what I call "conjoined dinosaurs" on it.
Wondering about the He-Man in the title?  Of course you were.  Two weeks ago I noticed a mole that had changed dramatically.  I know pregnancy is supposed to bring skin changes, but every website I consulted (that's where I should be getting medical advice, right?) said "If you find something that concerns you, consult your doctor."  So despite being unimpressed with my primary care doctor (this was my first visit), and despite the rather gruff manner of the dermatologist, when he suggested we lop this thing off, that's what happened.  He told me it was a hemangioma, and he said it in such a way that suggested that we all know exactly what a hemangioma is.  It's a benign tumor that gets bigger because it fills with clotted blood.  They are also, interestingly, mostly found in children under ten and will go away on their own in most cases.  Either way, mine is gone, and we got the news that it's nothing to worry about.

Tonight we're making chicken shawarma with homemade pita.  Just sayin'.  I have plans in the works for a rhubarb pie tomorrow.  We've been doing a pretty good job stocking up our new chest freezer to help us through the too-tired-to-cook stage that will last the next eighteen years.  But the pie is just because I wanted it.  :)

Friday, May 17, 2013

First visit to the new practice

But first, an irrelevant prelude:
I had my first appointment at the new practice this morning, let's call it PW for short.  It did make me an hour  late for work, but Andy and I both really liked it there.

I think Jane has hiccups right now.

Anyway, it was just another basic appointment.  My belly's measuring where it should be, her heartbeat sounds good, and my blood pressure is nice and low.  The midwife we met with was very nice, though pregnant herself and said she didn't expect to see us again this time around as she'll be taking leave soon.  She emphasized to always call if there's something concerning me (and I've already done that once, even before I was officially a patient there!) so that's good to hear.

We didn't have a lot of questions this time.  It seems like some weeks I have a list of eight things and other times I've got nothing.  But either way, I didn't feel like she was rushing to get us out or anything.

On our drive back, I said, "Know what's weird?  Sometime soon we'll be coming down this road driving our baby home for the first time."  Too bad the road's so darn bumpy.

Andy leaves tomorrow for a few days out on a boat, science-ing it up.  He'll have his computer so I probably won't be able to upload any pictures until Wednesday or Thursday.

We've got one more session of childbirth class next Wednesday and then we'll be totally, totally ready and prepared for everything that comes our way.  Right?

Monday, May 13, 2013


I celebrated my first Mother's Day.  First, Andy took me out to dinner on Friday night, thinking that we'd beat the Sunday-brunch crowds, which we did.  But not the UMASS graduation crowds.  :)  It was (more than) OK because we went to a place out of the immediate Amherst area, and we had a reservation anyway.    I had a steak.  And more than half my share of the bread plate.  And some grilled flatbread with anchovies.  And salted caramel pudding.

I also got a Zingerman's box in the mail on Thursday night, which I had to open immediately, as instructed by the outside of the box.  There were two loaves of bread inside, as well as a jar of olives and a baby bib.

The first loaf, chocolate cherry bread, became Saturday's baked french toast.

 Delicious, of course.  The next loaf, the Farm Loaf, was almost too large for our serrated knife.
Brisco had to check it out.
 Cooking--er, really just melting butter at that point.  Tempeh reubens with amazing (and sometimes painful) bread.
 We spent some time this weekend decorating Jane's room and putting things away.  Pam and Mark got us these wall decals, which are great because they are removable.  Tree in progress.
 Brisco looking out Jane's window.
 Me, "helping" Andy put the tree pieces up.  It was like a puzzle because the pieces were all numbered, but not in any order, and the brown bark pieces shown on the key were numbered in black, over the brown (so, not easy to see).  Andy did most of it.  It got cool last night but we didn't want to close the windows so I'm wearing my beloved Big Boy sweatshirt.
 Jane's closet.  Andy hung all the onesies in size-order.
 Completed tree!  We also got some butterfly decals, but they're not up yet.  We've got a few more decorations to put up, but also need to think about where other furniture will go.
George behind bars.
I'm definitely getting bigger.  Well, she is.
 Thanks, Matt, for the inspiration for this shirt!

Monday, May 6, 2013

30 Weeks(!) and the Jane's afoot

What a great day yesterday was!  Baby shower!  We have decided that this kicky girl is named Jane Rocella.  In this picture I am giving Jane bunny ears.
 The weather was great, the Leckies hosted and Mark ran the grill.  There was a batch of Fraass baby-que sauce for guests to take home, and although I didn't try it yesterday (apparently it was on the chicken), Andy's excited to have several jars of it at home.  Plus, the label has a fire-breathing dinosaur.

The girls for whom I used to nanny came with their mom, and Josie had included many cards.  This one included a drawing of me, Andy, Jane, and Brisco.  (You can see the image a little bigger if you click on it.)  They got me a big stuffed Curious George, which is perfect for me.  I mean, for Jane.  :)

We got so much stuff that I can't possibly remember to list here, but it was really a great day and we're feeling much better-prepared (ha, right?) than we were before.  Brisco was most interested in all the things we were bringing inside and putting in "his" room (i.e., the nursery)--that's been his favorite place to hang out since we moved there.  Don't get too comfortable, dog.

You can see in the above pictures that Andy and I had a boutineer and a coursage.  We even wore them to the grocery store after the shower.  An employee said, "You must be having a girl.  Congratulations!"  :)

I've got a couple of appointments this week to meet our potential new provider, as well as an already-scheduled one with my old peeps, and birth ed. class on Wednesday.  Brisco's also got a follow-up to his teeth extraction today, and volunteering on Thursday... busy week and it hasn't even started yet.

It was dark when we got home so I couldn't have Andy take the standard shot by the fridge (which just seems to be where we get the best daytime light), so here's the about-to-crash-for-the-night shot:

Big, huge THANKS to Pam, Lindsey, and Renata for all the work you put into the shower planning.  It was beautiful, fun, laid-back, and the food was delicious.  Thank you so much!

Friday, May 3, 2013

29 weeks

This week we had a photo shoot with a woman we found on Craigslist who was begging for people to be her subjects.  "I'll give you a collection of images for free, all you have to do is show up!"
This is not one of those shots, but it is why I was dressed up.  I'll post those shots once we have them.  She was finishing up her classes, her portfolio, I think another job, and has an eight-year-old at home.  So we told her no rush.  :)
 Smothering Brisco with my love.  Am I ready for motherhood, or what?
 We spent some more time outside cleaning up a bit and clearing some dead stuff.  I picked what I hope were a few weeds.
 Sun dog!
I had my glucose tolerance test and came through it with no problem.  I didn't like the feeling after drinking the gross Sprite-like drink, and we stopped at the store to get me some almonds afterward.  The only foods I had with me were a granola bar, an apple, and my PBJ, none of which sounded like something I wanted (more sugar).  You want a result less than 130 and mine was 83.  So yay for that!

I'm in the process of switching providers.  I want a natural birth and want to avoid a C-section, and our doula recently found out that my current provider has a C-section rate of above even the national average (33% is the national average, my current providers are at 39%).  The place to which I'd like to switch has a rate of 14%, 76% of deliveries are done by certified nurse-midwives (in a hospital, with OBs present, so not to worry), and it has the bonus of being about twice as close as where I would have delivered with the other practice.  I've got a meet-and-greet next week, but the closer-to-home aspect has almost entirely locked in the choice already.

And speaking of our doula Caitlin, there have been some questions about what that's all about.  You can see her website here if you're interested.  We had dinner with her the other week and have been corresponding by email quite a bit.  I probably wouldn't have decided to go through with switching providers if not for her, and I definitely wouldn't have found out about the C-section rates.  When I asked at my (current) provider, they said it was "low."

We also started a childbirth education class last week, which will meet four more times.  It's from 6-9, which frankly is late for me, but I'll do my best.  Last week, we got home, I needed to eat, and then my foot decided to take half an hour to stop cramping before I could go to sleep.  It was probably 10:30 by then.  The horror.

We've got the department picnic on Saturday, and the baby shower on Sunday.  That's a lot of activity for me!  I'm making a pineapple upside-down cake for the shower, but we're undecided about what to make for the picnic.  Andy says maybe biscuits, but we had also discussed cornbread.  And then I saw a recipe for a rhubarb pie, so really, it's anyone's guess.

I'll try to get back to updating again actually during the correctly-corresponding week.