Sunday, March 29, 2015

Recovery and Sick Days

I'm doing very well with my recovery from surgery, to the point that when people ask me how I'm doing, I'm back to the automatic, "Fine, thanks."

But just to balance it out, Jane is sick right now.  Which stinks.  Yesterday we were going to go to Meltdown, this annual book/music fest for kids, and I think she would have had a great time.  But instead, we stayed home and she gave lots of snuggles, watched Toy Story, and got her nose wiped a LOT.

She's pretty far in to potty training now, even with being sick.  She wears diapers pretty much only at night and most of the time when we're going in the car.  We even took at trip to my grandma's last weekend and she only went through two diapers over the four days!

OK, pictures!

Out to breakfast at Sylvester's
 Playing with Uncle Matt

 On Matt's shoulders
 Walking with Mom to Sylvester's

 Eating fruit and yogurt

 In the bin
 In the bin, with Doh

The snow is melting, even though it snowed again yesterday.  Brisco's getting out for more walks and they're getting outside to play at daycare more often, too.  Jane had a good time at a park earlier in winter and I think we should visit it again on a nice day soon.

Jane did a good job traveling up to Brutus last weekend, but it was exhausting.  I had to carry her diaper bag (which I had to bring, even though she hardly needed the diapers!) and our rolling bag, and the carseat.  She wanted to walk, which was lighter for me than carrying her, but it was also slower.  On the way out, people offered to help us, but people were not so kind on the way back.  We made it, but I hope not to have to travel without Andy again when there's so much to carry.

She had a great time visiting with everyone, and especially liked all the dogs that were around.  She still talks about the dogs, mostly Matt's dog Honey.  We were at the hardware store yesterday talking about our dog, and I asked her to tell the clerk what our dog's name was, and she said "Honey."

There are some more pictures from the trip but I don't have them handy.  Some are on the ipad, which Jane is playing with right now, so I wouldn't dare take it from her.  More pictures to come eventually.  I'll try to get better with updating, sorry!