Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Moved in!

We moved to Virginia two weeks ago, which both feels like a long and short time.  I think we're about done with our Target runs to get all the things we forgot or had to leave behind--turns out they frown on cleaning fluids and aerosol cans in moving trucks.

Anyway!  We visited the American History last weekend, and took Jane to a playplace last week called Busy Bees.  I joined a Mama group, so I hope that'll be a good resource for us.  It's supposed to snow here quite a bit in the next few days.  Jane and I went to the store today and we did our best to stock up on necessities.

Our new place is pretty nice.  At least two other women said they lived here too, when I took Jane to an open house for the mothers' group.  It's not too noisy or anything, plenty of outside space to wander with Jane and Brisco.  I think he's happier getting more walks, instead of our lazy dog-dangling of yore when we'd just put him on his outside line.  (It means getting bundled up and dragging Jane out, though, which means it takes at least three times as long.  Oh well.)

At Busy Bees

 Slide and climbing handholds to go up to the clear plastic bouncy room
 Bouncy room.  Jane sat by the door and let other kids do the bouncing.  But she seemed to have a good time.

 (Guess which kid is ours?)

 Love this blurry shot.
 Much like when my dad visited the computer museum, Andy and I thought, "Why is this in a museum?  And why can't we touch?"  Someone did touch.  Oops.
 Trying on hats

 This little girl?  Not so nice.
 Spam in the place where I live... ham and pork!
 They have an activity room for kids.  The focus this day was making an invention that makes noise.
 $30+ museum lunch.  But at least someone gets a Smithsonian discount!!
 Jane saw this cast iron figure (better picture below) and said, "That's a sperm whale."  It was.  All those hours watching Octonauts were not for naught!

 No caption necessary.
Wish us luck through the blizzard!  Of course it won't compare to Massachusetts, Wisconsin, or Michigan, but it will be just as dangerous if people lose their minds and don't know what to do.  We'll be staying off the roads.