Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Week 28 (late)

My mom asked for pictures of our new place.  So, I took pictures of Brisco.

And then I took pictures of the place.
 There are two townhouses, ours is on the left.  Our neighbor has more of a flair for decorating than we do--she's had two wreaths up already.
 View from parking area.  Brisco's up on our patio.  The nice garden area was like that when we moved in, and good thing, since that's not my thing.
Patio area off the kitchen.  It's really nice to have this long leash for Brisco so he can hang out outside.  It was especially important this past week when he had ten(!) teeth removed and he wasn't allowed to go for walks for a week.  He just hung out on his line.
 And speaking of lines, my favorite: clothesline!
 Kitchen (patio is to the left)
 Living room (adjacent to kitchen) and Andy's at-home work station
 Opposite view of bedroom.  You can see that we have TWO closets!
 Another view of nursery
And, me.

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