Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Michigan Trip

Jane and I made a quick jaunt to Michigan this past weekend.  My grandma needed surgery at the U of M hospital, so the timing worked out that she and my aunt were around too.  The surgery went well and we all got to visit a bit.

M@ and I went to see the Kids in the Hall on Saturday night, which was amazing from the FRONT ROW!  A feather fell off the Chicken Lady's costume, so I'm now the proud owner of that!  They didn't come out to do autographs in between shows, and I wasn't up for staying there until well after midnight.  But it was really fun and exciting.  M@'s phone died on the way in so we had to call someone for directions.  We also got some Culver's along the way, which we don't have in Massachusetts, so I enjoyed that.  I don't usually go for fast food, but they are an exception.  How can you go wrong at the home of the Butterburger?

I don't know what kind of face that is.
 That's better.
 Jane and Great-grandma Agnes, enjoying some sunshine

 Do I have to wear this hat?
 No seriously, do I?
 Pam got Jane some not-sandals.

 A knit dress from Grandma Mary Lynn.  Dad didn't bother to take her other dress off first.  He also put it on backwards.

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