Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween and Pan de Muerto

First of all, I need to announce my fame.  I was on the radio last Friday, winning the "Spanish word of the week" on 93.9.  The word (phrase) was "Pan de muerto," which means Bread of the Dead, somehow related to the Mexican tradition of Day of the Dead.  But the important thing about winning that is that I got a certificate for two free burritos.  Which we ate and enjoyed a few nights ago.

On to pictures.

I take Jane trick-or-treating in at businesses in a nearby town.  Andy couldn't make it, so we recreated it at home for him.  Her favorite part was dropping candy into her bag.  And, once we got home, putting a bowl on her head.

 Our little jack o'lantern!

 Crinkly-nosed girl
 Pick one...
 Now put it in the bag...

 Mismatched PJs and shades

 Mom and Jane
 Jane's foot

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