Thursday, September 12, 2013

Week 6 and almost 7

My maternity leave is almost over!  Hard to believe, but back to work on Monday.  And Jane gets to start life in the lab with Andy.

I think I'm posting and writing about things in reverse order this time, so Jane might be Benjamin Button-ing.

My mom and Don came to visit this week.  She made us spherical pancakes that have some name I can't remember.

 Granny and Jane

 Andy and Jane, chillin' on the couch
 Once upon a time five years ago, I was nanny to twin babies.  These PJs were a favorite of mine and their mom, and when she offered to let me take some baby stuff they'd outgrown, I was sure to snag these.  So what that I had to wait five years for a baby to fill them!

 Nanny-Brisco, ever vigilant.  "Don't worry guys, I got this."
 All babies need at least two chins....
 ...and a ridiculous, whopping, giant belly.
 Propped up on Dad
 Trying to latch on to Dad's nose.  You won't like anything you get from there, Jane!
She has definitely started doing big smiles in response to us, and we get especially big smiles when she gets toweled off after bath time.  We'll try to get a picture of that soon.

Her nights have been mostly good lately, we think due to a relaxing bath prior to bed.  Last night she slept a six-hour stretch.  She really is mostly an easygoing baby.

Until next week!

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