Sunday, September 22, 2013

Week 8: Back to work

I had to return to work this past week, so Jane started going to the lab with Andy (and even to a seminar on Wednesday).  But before that, we tried to go apple picking.  The place we picked had bad luck with their apples this year, so there were no apples to be had.  The woman at the counter told us we might try for raspberries.  We didn't plan for that--I was thinking we'd have the shade of apple trees, but instead we were out in the sun.  We didn't stay long, ate about five berries each, and returned the basket empty.  It would have taken a long time to fill it.
 It was a pretty day, at least!
 Who are you?
 ...the smiling basket.
 Family shot.  There's a baby in there somewhere.
 Shade at last.
Not pictured: the raspberry stuffed french toast and pancakes we used to fill the no-apples void in our hearts and stomachs.  A nice woman sat and chatted with us (but mostly admired Jane).

Back to work!  Dad multi-tasking:
From all accounts, Jane has done very well in the lab and even spent some time with seven-month old Calvin.  Andy swears he's getting work done, so really, it's the best situation for which we could have hoped.  (Note: it's only been three days.)  I'm back at work too, taking pumping breaks and helping stock those two for the following day.  I even went back to volunteering on Thursday and didn't get too many sad faces for not bringing her in.  I will next week, though!

My pictures came in out of order and since I only have one free hand, mentally place these back on apple-not-picking day, will ya?  We decided to stop at Lake Wyola, since it was on the way back from the orchard.  Andy liked the look of this stream and probably said something sciencey about it.
 At Lake Wyola with a sleeping Jane

 A kind stranger takes a picture despite being about as good with smartphones as I am.
 Jane did not feel like modeling the sweater and hat Granny knit.
 Do you guys see these as gifs when I post them?  I hope so--there's a smile in there!  She smiles a lot these days.  It makes me feel like not such a crazy person for grinning at her all the time and getting blank stares.
 Using Jane's belly as a writing surface.
 Her shirt was a find from the Survival Center!
 This rattle has been holding her attention during tummy time, and it's a stylish cap.
It looks like a nice day for a walk out there.  Jane's first fal--no, let's say autumn.  :-)

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