Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Anniversary to us

I know Andy thinks it's silly, but I still keep tabs on our "dating" anniversary, which happens to be today.  Nine years!!

Also, today is my grandma's birthday.  She's got 80 years on us.

We had a woman come over and talk about how best to get Jane to sleep in her crib (and ideally, stay there).  We're only a few nights in with mixed results, but we've got more of a plan now.  And someone to email for suggestions if the plan needs tweaking.

Anyway, on to the main attraction:

Standing with Daddy (I wish these vertical pictures didn't show up so small!)
 Hey, Mom!

 Can I have that thing?
 Wiggle monster

 New skill!
 Working at her desk
 No, don't eat the crayons.
 Can I eat the ocarina?  Sure.

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