Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Eleven months... nailed it!

Jane hit eleven months last Friday.  She's doing more and more every day--she pulls to standing and walks pretty well if you hold her hands.  She calls everything a dog.  She's still not napping all that well, and nights are hit-or-miss, but even with her current cold, she's been sleeping pretty darn well overall.

It's also been completely confirmed that she loves curry.  I think it's been the biggest hit, maybe tied with blueberries.

We went pea-picking at the farm last weekend and there are pictures, but I don't have them handy.  She ate some peas, even biting off some pieces with her fancy new upper tooth.  (Fancy because it's gold, of course.)

Future so bright...
 No shades if Jane can help it.
 Standing with a magnet in her mouth.
 She's very good with books, most of the time.  She likes The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
 Hey Daddy, were you trying to get a shot of me peacefully looking at a book?  I see you!
 Oh, I can't bear to look...
 How bad is it?  Give it to me straight.

 Last night Andy took out his phone for some distraction-time while I was getting ready to cook, and got some good shots.

Now, what kind of (cup)cake do you think Jane wants for her birthday?

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