Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Picture time!

Jane had a blast blueberry picking and eating tons right off the bush.
 Triceratops rocker!
 No hands!
 Opening presents with Brisco keeping the peace
 Jane seems to be listening to me quite seriously.
 Helping herself...
 What is this cupped-cake of which you speak?
 Want some?

 Oh come on, Mom's cooking isn't THAT bad!
 Check out her elbow!

Lately she's been loving crawling the length of the couch and back.
 "Should I bite your toes?"
 "I'm gonna bite your toes!"
 Round of applause
 Hanging out with Grandpa Dick
 Telling secrets?  Kisses?
 Fun guy!

There are literally hundreds of pictures so I might do another post if more turn up in the next few days.

It's been quite the year.  She's an amazing kid!

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