Friday, March 5, 2010

One a week

I've heard that Frank Warren approaches his mailbox each day with a Christmas-like anticipation. Who doesn't love to get mail? Cards on your birthday are great, but how much better are the unexpected hand-written letters from an old friend?
I've decided that I'm going to start sending one item a week. Not only will I be doing my small part to support the USPS, I hope to brighten up people's days with unexpected communication. My first envelope went out to my best friend Julie, whose birthday is on Sunday, which means my card will either arrive one day early or one day late. She and I don't talk as much now that we live across the country, but I hope that she knows how important she still is to me.
Isn't that really what it's about? Letting people know that you care?
Not to lean too heavily on the great blog, Post Secret, but I attended an event where audience members shared secrets with the crowd. Most were heavy and cried out for support or understanding from the listeners. It reminded me how desperately people wish to be connected, but how fleeting it can be. (I certainly didn't walk out of the auditorium feeling like I could share my soul with everyone who had been there.) I'm just out to reestablish some connections that I do have.
And there's no way to force myself to do something like having the world watching.

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