Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Last week, I was in California with sporadic internet access. But fear not, loyal reader! I got a few things in the mail.

Now, this first one might not count, but since I'm making up the rules as I go, I decree that it does. I received a letter as well as an SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope, for those not in the biz) so I count mailing that back as my duty for the week. I could have just tossed the envelope in the recycling or flat-out lost it. I almost lost it in the completely contained space of my suitcase.

Anyway, here's what it was: I got a letter from my home church. For at least the last fifteen years, my church has been struggling with myriad issues (and probably longer, but that's about when I started paying attention). I moved out of the state five years ago, and before that was only a summer-attendee when I was home from college. My husband and I were married there a year and a half ago, as was my dad (twice-- twelve years ago, and... uh.... like 30 or something).

The church is undergoing some self-evaluation. I'm pretty out of the loop now, but it sounds like they may be selling the building, among other changes. The letter asked me if I still considered myself a member. I decided that for the sake of their tracking membership, it was best to cut ties since I am 780 miles away. (I did not feel the need to disclose to them that Jesus and I have recently cut ties, too.)

I grew up there. Many of the members have known me my entire life. It was hard for me to check the space for "I wish to resign." I wrote a bit about my decision and how grateful I am to have been there. But I have to admit there is a bit of grief that comes with losing my home church.

What's that? A BONUS letter? Oh yes, I did. I hand-wrote a letter to my grandmother, whose birthday was last week. I wrote to her from an outdoor cafe on Balboa Island in Newport Beach (the OC--but please don't call it that), CA. I got a plate of onion rings and Andy got fries. Those details are much more exciting than the content of the letter, most of which I've forgotten.

My grandma's a neat lady. She was super-hip about me living with Andy before we were married, she voted for Hillary Clinton in the primaries and happily for Obama in the fall. I made it up to see her for a brief 24-hour visit around Christmas. I hope the letter made her smile.

I picked up a few postcards while in San Francisco, but have yet to mail them out. I'll get to it, and report back in a few days!

Also, fill out your Censuses.... Censi? :)

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