Monday, June 10, 2013

Childhood Dream Fulfilled -- 35 Weeks

First, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, WHITNEY!  I hope you had a great day.  :)  I was thinking about you, and then, yeah, you know... I probably lost my train of thought and then wondered why I was putting my cell phone in the freezer.  You'll always be my Caesar Sister!

Anyway, ever since I was young and watched reruns of the Kids in the Hall on CBC, I was taken with the image of a pregnant woman running around in a bikini in the intro.  Well, that, and everything else about the show, but that could be an entire blog unto itself.

Cross THAT off my bucket list!  (Sarah, if you're reading this, can you believe my Bora Boras have held up this long?!)
 Yesterday Mark and Pam invited us to join them for a hike and a swim in their pool.  We skipped the hike because I don't have that much energy anymore (and can't be far away from bathrooms), but we did join them for some pool time and burgers.  And yes, I had a ton of sunscreen on.
 For once we actually had someone else around that could take pictures of the two of us!  Look how tall I look!
 Our next door neighbor wanted to paint her door and thought it'd look weird to just have one painted (side-by-side townhouses) so we got a lavender door as well.  I like it!
Last but not least, we made English muffins for the first time this weekend.  I was not overly impressed.  They were good, but maybe not up to the good: amount of work ratio.  Maybe we just needed a more amazing topping.  They also took a lot longer than expected.  I had to have two pre-breakfasts while they were cooking.

We hit quite a few garage sales on Saturday and got some good stuff, as well as a bouncer from the free store at the Survival Center, and the glider arrived too.  Jane's room is filling up.  Good thing she won't be in there right away!

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  1. Thank you for a birthday shout out!
    You look beautiful. I swear I'll send Jane's gift soon, you know when she's like celebrating her 5th birthday maybe even her 18th.
    I'm so happy for you!
    Caesar Sisters for life!!!