Thursday, June 27, 2013

Still here, still pregnant (Weeks 36 and 37)

The big news is I've/we've made it to full-term, not that there was any reason to worry that I/we wouldn't.  She could be born any time now(!) and be ready to go and figure out what those lungs are for.

I don't have any pictures handy, but I'll post some when I do.  Dick and Wendy were here over Father's Day weekend, which was great.  Wendy got to feel Jane wiggling around, we shared some good meals, and they got to see our new place, dog, and life before everything gets completely turned around.  It was a nice visit and we're looking forward to having them back to meet Jane in the flesh.  Or out of the flesh, I guess.

I've had a few noticeable changes in how I've been feeling, which the midwife assured me was due to lower levels of progesterone, signaling the upcoming end of pregnancy.  Nothing unmanageable, occasional chills and much less stamina.  I am still grateful to be having such an easy pregnancy.  I'm hopeful that Jane's chill-ness will continue on into her life at home with us.

I got some bad news at work last week.  My position was created because the office manager needed help, but the owners now agree that I don't need 30 hours a week to get it done.  Unfortunately for us, this means I'll be cut down to twenty hours after I come back from maternity leave and will be losing our insurance.  Twenty hours is not enough for us to live on, but it is something that I will have until I find something else.  We can get on Andy's insurance in August or September, so the timing will work out there as well.  It's not ideal but it's the best of a bad situation.  I have started looking around for other positions and have compiled a few possibilities.  As everyone keeps assuring me, it will work out.  I was not planning on leaving this job before we finished our time here in Mass, but you just can't plan these things out with certainty.

Andy and I practiced cloth-diapering on our Curious George doll the other night.  The snaps are a new thing for me, but we will get used to them in no time.  When our friends' baby Calvin was born, he didn't fit into the cloth diapers they had for several months, so I'll be curious to see whether they fit Jane initially or not.  They're supposed to be able to fit a newborn.  She feels huge to me when she's kicking my ribs, but I know she's going to seem tiny when I meet her, like it was impossible for her to have been imparting that much force.

This week has been and continues to be quite busy.  It's funny to have so much on our calendars, because each day I look at what there is to do, and I think to myself, "Am I actually going to be doing those things?"  Hard to tell at this point.  Tuesday and Wednesday I worked 8:15-5 (instead of my normal 2:15) because the office manager was out, today I volunteer after work and then we have our final birthing class, and tomorrow we have appointments both in the morning (midwife) and afternoon (hospital intake and carseat check).  Then a BBQ on Saturday and a Movement for Birth class on Sunday.  Busy!

Andy, Brisco and I went to a drive-in last week, which was fun.  I, unsurprisingly, fell asleep, but it was still a nice time.  We won't be able to stay out until 2 am(!!!) again for a long time, not that I'd probably want to.  There are a few pictures from that night that I'll get around to at some point.

That's enough for now, I suppose.  :)

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