Monday, July 15, 2013

40 Weeks and one day

No, she's not late.  No, I'm not "done" with pregnancy.  No, I will not ride in your truck with you down bumpy roads to induce labor.

People say weird things and take due dates very seriously.

Andy's mom sent us these lanterns that were originally purchased for our rehearsal dinner five(!) years ago.

 We made BBQ chicken last night, corn, and grilled pineapple w/cheese, which was one of my favorite food discoveries from Ecuador.  Even Andy liked it.  When I asked if he'd eat it again, say, once a year or so, he said he would.  Victory.
 Andy built himself a microscope stand since the cinder block he'd been using was causing his desk to warp. It looks nicer and he can now store stuff underneath.  If only if would ever get reasonable enough outside to allow him to get back to work down here.
 "Due date."  Pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen, with a Jurassic Park t-shirt.
We spent Saturday afternoon in Amherst.  We walked through the craft fair on the common (not knowing it was happening), then got some dinner at a gumbo place and watched American Ninja Warrior which was on in the restaurant.  We also stopped for ice cream.  Not a fancy maybe-last-date-for-a-while, but nice regardless.  Of course, the BBQ chicken dinner wins, complete with the Fraass baby-que sauce.

Exciting updates to come in the next few weeks!

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