Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What I Learned

I like to think I've read a lot about pregnancy.  I've been pretty well-prepared for the things that many women find surprising during these nine months.  Really the biggest surprises I've had are the things that haven't happened (what pregnancy heartburn?) but her dropping did indeed catch me off guard.

It HURT.  The only thing I knew about babies dropping was that it frees up more lung space for me, but that comes at the cost of her pressing her head into my pelvis and that did not feel great.  It's a lot better today than it was when it first happened, but now that I know of this phenomenon, Google has confirmed that plenty of women have discomfort from it.

She occasionally finds my sciatic nerve (I think) and presses on it, but only for a moment.  I slept much better last night than I did on Sunday, and took an afternoon nap as well.  I was even able to walk Brisco this morning.  Last night was the first time we turned the air on in our bedroom and corralled the dog in with us, and he was surprisingly tolerant of it.  Carla never had a problem being in a room with a shut door with us, but we'd never tried it with him.  I fully expected him to whine to be let out, especially when I got up to use the bathroom.  But no, he appreciated the cool.

Anyway, we took a picture on Sunday and I think we should take a picture today to see if there's a visible difference.  Andy says there is, but I wonder if it's as obvious to the casual observer.  Comparison pictures to come soon!

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  1. You're getting so close!! Hang in there, the last few weeks were the hardest for me (mostly because I'm impatient). She'll be here before you know it!!