Saturday, October 5, 2013

Weeks 9 and 10

We're still trucking along.  People often ask "How old?" when they see us out, but it's always funny when someone actually has an idea about baby sizes and they get a sense of how big she is.  She's got a doctor's appointment on Monday and I'm very much looking forward to getting a weight and length.  We finally stood her up against her height chart the other day, but she was probably bending her legs and was standing on carpeting, anyway.  I suspect the doctor's office will put her above that chart.

Last week, I took Jane with me to the Survival Center and she and I kept track of all the visitors.  My usual shift-companions weren't there, so I sat at the desk with a guy named Mo who's really nice.  A few weeks prior his nephew (six months or so) was looking at Jane and Mo told him to "stop flirting."  Another volunteer asked what size Jane was in, and I reported she was wearing some six-month stuff already (she just passed two months!) and she produced a brand-new pack of 6-9 month onesies from the Free Store.  Can't beat that.

After that, Andy's parents arrived and spent the weekend with us.  They'd been in Atlanta and thought that was close enough to justify a hop up here.  No complaints from us!  They were last out when Jane was two weeks old, so a lot's changed.

Anyway, enough talk!  Picture explosion in no particular order!

Smiler in her Osk Kosh
 Success picking apples!

 Jane picking a Jane-sized apple

 Rocking the tummy time.  She's going to roll over soon.
 Grandma reading "The Grumpy Goat."  It's got a twist ending.  I won't spoil it for you.
 Not the best family portrait that we got that night, but it's the one that got uploaded for now.  Or maybe Andy just looks like that all the time.
 That one's better of Andy but I look indifferent to this whole "family" thing.
 Eyes closed.  Oh well.
 My baby may or may not be a TARDIS.
 Action shot of Jane riding Brisco
 Possibly the greatest outfit ever.
 Jane and Calvin, in the micropaleo lab
 Calvin was born in February.  Jane was born in July.  I think they are the same length.
 Calvin is pretty cute.
 Rocking a six-month outfit.
 Chubby face!
 Grandma and Grandpa's arrival!
 Out at a restaurant in Turners Falls.  I forget what it was called, something about Harvest, but it had just opened days before.  It was good.  We may go back.  They were excited for customers.
 Grandpa, Jane, Grandma
 Just this morning, out for a walk.  "Dude, please."
 The extremely rural Montague, MA

 Not-just-this-morning.  Happy girl!


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