Thursday, October 24, 2013

Almost three months!

She's almost thirteen weeks old now, if I counted correctly.  There's no guarantee that I did.  She's sleeping well, and I'm sleeping better because of it, but I'm still quite tired in general.  Things get forgotten, or repeated three times, or garbled.  Andy asked what kind of cereal I wanted this morning, and I thought, "Cheerios," but I said, "Cereal."

As I said, she's generally sleeping well.  She's been in the crib for two(?) weeks now, and generally has one wake-up a night.  It's harder on me, because I have to be upright for the feeding, and we generally do a diaper change too (which she hates), but the last two nights, she's gone back down very easily.  We put her in a sleep sack to try and reduce her startle-reflex, and that seems to be helping.

We met again with Caitlin, just so she could check in with us now that we're old parenting pros.  It was really nice to connect with her again.  We mentioned again how glad we were to have had her at the birth, and she said how she had mentioned the birth to other doulas who were rightfully impressed.  I am pretty great.

Jane is Facebook-famous because she volunteers (involuntarily) with me at the Survival Center.  She's been tagged as their youngest volunteer.  :-)  We'll be back there again this afternoon!

I don't remember if anything else noteworthy has happened.  She has rolled over again, and Andy didn't see it again.  Hah.  He will!

Pictures, of course:

 Look how strong!

 Oh yeah, we made an apple pie.  I still haven't mastered pie crust.  It tasted good, and Andy said it was a success, but I still can't roll out pie crust.  One day.
 Jane in her set-up in Dad's office
 A hat that a coworker's wife made for Jane.  Andy loves it because it helps her to stay asleep longer!
 Halloween outfit from Great-uncle Scott and family.  They knew to buy a six-month outfit for a three-month-old Fraass!

 Jane helping Mom
 And, to conclude, her hilarious sad-face.

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