Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Busy week

OK, I'll admit it.  I've forgotten how many weeks old Jane is.  "Two and a half months" is my answer when people ask how old she is.  Could I count it out on the calendar right now?  Sure.  But I probably won't.  Eh.

Anyway, whatever week we're in, we've been busy.  We decided that with the long weekend, it was a good time to transition Jane to her crib.  The idea was that if the nights went badly, Andy would be around to let me sleep in in the mornings.  Luckily for everyone, the nights have been going very well.  She's not going down as easily initially, but once she goes to sleep, we've only had one or two wakeups.  The first two nights she ate once in the middle of the night, and the last two nights she's woken up twice, with the second wakeup basically being almost time to get up anyway.  Last night she had leaked through her diaper, and I didn't feel like changing her sheets, so she came back to bed with us from 5:30-6.  It was some nice cuddle time, even if I didn't really sleep for that last half-hour.  I'll try to get a picture of her in her crib.  It's pretty cute.  It's funny--I thought Brisco would stop sleeping in there once there was a crying baby, but he still sticks around.

After last week's doctor's visit, she recovered nicely from her shots.  She cried much of that evening, but once she went to sleep, the night was fine.  Andy stayed home with her just in case she was in for a hard day, but he said that was fine too.  I'm not looking forward to the next round of shots, that are supposed to be harder on her than the first set, but I know they're important.  I don't know what Rubella is like, but I imagine some crying and a restless night is worth not getting it.

Another milestone: she rolled over the other day!  She was doing tummy time and surprised herself by suddenly flipping.  We didn't get any pictures of it, but that would have made a nice gif.  Maybe another time.  She's only done it once so far.

Josie, Maia and their mom Julie came to visit yesterday.  Julie took a few pictures of her girls holding Jane, and when I get a copy, I'll post them.  They had fun shaking toys over her head, stroking her hair, and letting Jane grab their fingers.  Andy had the camera (that is, his phone) so I didn't get any shots of those.  Very cute.

Anyway, here are the pictures I do have:

Polite girl at the doctor's office.  "Ahem."

 On a walk
 Polite girl on a walk.

Until next time!

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