Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Visit from the West Coast

Dick and Wendy came out to visit last weekend.  Jane was a bit sick through it, and Andy too, and now it's taken me down.  It's surprising how long it's taking Jane to shake it.

But lots has happened since then: she started crawling and slept through the night a few more times!  Even with being sick, she's sleeping really well.  Luckily her cough isn't keeping her awake (though it wakes me up most times, and then I listen for her for a few minutes).

I stayed home with her today because I'm not feeling great and last night she seemed worse and even threw up at dinner.  The tricky part about that is that it was probably just a bite of food going down wrong, but coupled with her other symptoms, we decided she shouldn't go to daycare.  She's doing better than last night, I have a sore throat, but the most strenuous part of the day so far has been rescuing the dog who got his leash triple-wrapped around the tree outside.

On to the pictures!
Dad set the timer... beep... beep... click!
 Wait, let me grab that!
 Grandma shaking up the beehive
 Admiring my baby
 Check out that gut!  Waiting for our table at a restaurant in Brattleboro, VT.  We were in their upstairs biergarten overlooking the Connecticut River.
 Seated at the restaurant.  Another place that uses Mason jars as glasses!
 Walking around Look Park

 Everybody's smiling!
 Swinging.  She was NOT so sure about it.
 How long do I have to sit here?
 Down the slide
 On the train
 Is this working?  Is it taking pictures?
 I guess it took a few.
 Dad and Jane
 "That's not how..."  "No, I got it!  Don't worry!"

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