Wednesday, May 7, 2014

In true child fashion...

Jane loves the Lego bucket more than she loves the Legos.

 She also wakes up with a sweaty head sometimes, which is fun to style.
 Rock bagok!
 These PJs are 2T.  That means for a two-year-old.  They're only a bit big.
 We had people over for tacos on Sunday.  I suppose I could have taken pictures of more than just Jane, but it didn't occur to me.  Oops!  Anyway, it was fun, and the rain even mostly held off and Jane got to ride in her car for a bit while folks hung out on the patio.
 Jane and Lindsey
We've started doing sleep coaching of her first wakeup, now that she's going to sleep on her own at the beginning of the night.  Tonight will be the third night.  She hasn't figured it out yet, but last night was better than the first night, so we're making progress.  In fact, I heard Jane wake up around 10:30 but I ignored her for a while, and she managed to fall back to sleep!  Hooray, Jane!

She's still not quite crawling, but Andy thinks she moved herself backwards on purpose a few times.  She's been able to move backwards for a long time, but it never seemed like she knew it was happening.  She's also standing (with assistance), as you can see in the above picture.  She's taken a handful of steps.  She's making more and more sounds.  Andy said she said "Mom" and turned to look for me yesterday.

I can't remember if I mentioned she's decided to be too cool for baby food.  The grown-up foods she's eaten include beans, homemade pizza, pasta, yogurt, cheese, bread, Cheerios, oatmeal (not the powdered baby kind), apple, green beans, corn, and rice.  Probably more.  Our CSA share just ended for the winter and the summer one will start up in a few weeks.  One of the first things they always have is pick-your-own peas, and I'm really excited for her (and us!) to have those.

Until next time!

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