Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Jane is amazing!

The biggest news from today is that I was able to put Jane down for a nap in her crib!  I think we were all completely surprised that it worked.  I can't express how I was feeling when I crept down the stairs.  I was nearly in tears because I was so surprised and excited and proud!

On to the pictures!

Posing with Dad
 Jane's Personal Pan Pizza

Eating pizza is serious business.
Maybe not so serious. 
 Jane's (and Dad's) favorite toys

 We had our first hot day, so Jane got to wear her Jurassic Park romper.
 The Peras gave us this t-shirt.  It's got "patches" and "buttons" on it that say things like "The Stay-up-Lates", "Death to False Milk", "No Nap", "Anti-Crib," "Bedtime Sucks", "Question Authority" and some others I can't read/remember.  Doesn't she look like a kid here and no longer a baby?

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  1. She totally doesn't look like a baby anymore in that picture! I thought that before I even read your description.