Monday, May 13, 2013


I celebrated my first Mother's Day.  First, Andy took me out to dinner on Friday night, thinking that we'd beat the Sunday-brunch crowds, which we did.  But not the UMASS graduation crowds.  :)  It was (more than) OK because we went to a place out of the immediate Amherst area, and we had a reservation anyway.    I had a steak.  And more than half my share of the bread plate.  And some grilled flatbread with anchovies.  And salted caramel pudding.

I also got a Zingerman's box in the mail on Thursday night, which I had to open immediately, as instructed by the outside of the box.  There were two loaves of bread inside, as well as a jar of olives and a baby bib.

The first loaf, chocolate cherry bread, became Saturday's baked french toast.

 Delicious, of course.  The next loaf, the Farm Loaf, was almost too large for our serrated knife.
Brisco had to check it out.
 Cooking--er, really just melting butter at that point.  Tempeh reubens with amazing (and sometimes painful) bread.
 We spent some time this weekend decorating Jane's room and putting things away.  Pam and Mark got us these wall decals, which are great because they are removable.  Tree in progress.
 Brisco looking out Jane's window.
 Me, "helping" Andy put the tree pieces up.  It was like a puzzle because the pieces were all numbered, but not in any order, and the brown bark pieces shown on the key were numbered in black, over the brown (so, not easy to see).  Andy did most of it.  It got cool last night but we didn't want to close the windows so I'm wearing my beloved Big Boy sweatshirt.
 Jane's closet.  Andy hung all the onesies in size-order.
 Completed tree!  We also got some butterfly decals, but they're not up yet.  We've got a few more decorations to put up, but also need to think about where other furniture will go.
George behind bars.
I'm definitely getting bigger.  Well, she is.
 Thanks, Matt, for the inspiration for this shirt!

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