Monday, May 6, 2013

30 Weeks(!) and the Jane's afoot

What a great day yesterday was!  Baby shower!  We have decided that this kicky girl is named Jane Rocella.  In this picture I am giving Jane bunny ears.
 The weather was great, the Leckies hosted and Mark ran the grill.  There was a batch of Fraass baby-que sauce for guests to take home, and although I didn't try it yesterday (apparently it was on the chicken), Andy's excited to have several jars of it at home.  Plus, the label has a fire-breathing dinosaur.

The girls for whom I used to nanny came with their mom, and Josie had included many cards.  This one included a drawing of me, Andy, Jane, and Brisco.  (You can see the image a little bigger if you click on it.)  They got me a big stuffed Curious George, which is perfect for me.  I mean, for Jane.  :)

We got so much stuff that I can't possibly remember to list here, but it was really a great day and we're feeling much better-prepared (ha, right?) than we were before.  Brisco was most interested in all the things we were bringing inside and putting in "his" room (i.e., the nursery)--that's been his favorite place to hang out since we moved there.  Don't get too comfortable, dog.

You can see in the above pictures that Andy and I had a boutineer and a coursage.  We even wore them to the grocery store after the shower.  An employee said, "You must be having a girl.  Congratulations!"  :)

I've got a couple of appointments this week to meet our potential new provider, as well as an already-scheduled one with my old peeps, and birth ed. class on Wednesday.  Brisco's also got a follow-up to his teeth extraction today, and volunteering on Thursday... busy week and it hasn't even started yet.

It was dark when we got home so I couldn't have Andy take the standard shot by the fridge (which just seems to be where we get the best daytime light), so here's the about-to-crash-for-the-night shot:

Big, huge THANKS to Pam, Lindsey, and Renata for all the work you put into the shower planning.  It was beautiful, fun, laid-back, and the food was delicious.  Thank you so much!

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