Wednesday, February 20, 2013


You know what I've found myself wondering lately?  Do hangnails ever really go away?  Google has been no help on this subject.  I know you can cut the protruding part away, but I feel like I'm cutting the same area regularly.  It doesn't help that it's been particularly dry here lately.  I wonder if I'm doomed to keep trimming these same couple of hangnails every few weeks, on rotation.

Now that I've made you read that.

We've got a few more people lined up to help with the move on Saturday, so I'm less worried about it than I was.  And I'm certainly less worried than I was before our last move.  Andy and I are going to do another shuttle run to the place this evening, and we'll take Brisco along to introduce him to the new place.  He'll be leashed and watched keenly.

When I was a kid, I had an "outie" belly button.  It wasn't until I started taking tae kwon do at the one and only Keith Hafner's Karate that it went in.  I think that was due to a development of ab muscles, and me poking it in, and having it stick one day.  (I was like ten, what do you want?)  I suspect it's going to be back out sometime soon.  I can already tell that my belly button is wider.  It's weird.

Anyway, the real reason you're all here:

Check out that creepy face in picture two!  There's a better profile picture, too, but it didn't upload correctly.  I have it up on my desk, so that's nice.  We'll probably have more after 3/1.  We're still talking about names. We know a couple who had their boy just last night, and he's as of yet unnamed.  I want to have something that we can call her, both now, and as soon as we meet her.  Suggestions?  :-)

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  1. Haha, does anyone else see that second-to-last photo as gigantic?