Sunday, February 10, 2013

Week 18

It's been a busy week.  We visited an apartment that we liked a lot, about 18 minutes from Amherst (we're about 13 minutes away now, but who's counting).  We filled out an application on the spot, and I called the landlord (who was not the one showing it to us) the next day with a few more questions.  He asked if we were relatively certain we wanted the place, and I said, unequivocally, yes.

He talked to our current landlady and offered it to us last Thursday night, saying that he wanted to have the place rented by 2/15.  This Friday, that is.  Our current landlady wants thirty days' notice, understandably, but we wanted this place enough that we were willing to pay a bit on both, and be able to take our time moving in.

We spent a lot of this weekend packing and finding more stuff for Goodwill.  Of course, getting to Goodwill is another story.  You may have heard there was a lot of snow 'round these parts.  Nothing too eventful happened to us--we didn't lose power or heat, we just stayed inside.  The internet even continued to work, so we just streamed Netflix and worked on packing.  I'm going to try to get the van from work this coming weekend so we can start shuttling things over to the new place.

We have to meet the neighbors at this place early this week, and sign the lease.  It sounds like they had bad tenants before.  I'm hoping we get a lot of help from people at work for the furniture-moving, but we're really hoping to have most of the small stuff done before then.

Friday morning we'll have our next ultrasound and will attempt to find out the sex.  I think I've felt the baby move three times now, but it's hard to be sure.

Not sure how many more pictures we'll have in this location.  The bread board is already packed and you can see the blue bins, waiting to be filled, in the back room there.  They're doing a Biggest Loser-type competition at work (which obviously I'm not participating in), so there's a scale out every week, and I can tell that I've gained a bit.  (I'm still ten fewer pounds than I was at my heaviest.)

I got a little dizzy last night, but I've mostly been feeling good.  I had some pretty amazing mood swings today, too.  They were mostly good.  Mostly.  :)

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