Monday, February 18, 2013

Week 19

Another busy week.  We moved the majority of our small stuff into the new apartment on Saturday and Sunday.  Andy was a beast (without hurting his shoulder, of course) and I helped as much as I could.  It was only boxes and small furniture.  The big stuff will be moving this Saturday, hopefully with help from people from my work.  One person has already said he'll be there, so yay for Nick!

Our ultrasound was last Friday, where we found out that I'm carrying a Fraasslette.  She was not terribly cooperative during the ultrasound, so I have to go back for another ultrasound in two weeks so they can get the other measurements.  She was quite content just sitting still.  I have some new pictures, but I haven't scanned them yet.  I'll get to it.

I do, however, have some pictures of me (and Brisco decided he should be in them too)!

I think my jeans, which I wear every day, do a pretty good job hiding my belly, so I opted for a dress this picture.  And then I changed immediately, because our apartment feels noticeably colder with less stuff in it.

I'm very, very excited about our new place.  As I started moving things in and trying to figure out how to best set up our kitchen, I can tell it'll be more of a challenge than this current place.  We'll be missing the large pantry to which we've become accustomed.  We are, however, looking forward to having doors where there should be doors, and not having to go into our neighbor's place to do laundry.  I'm also excited about the carpeting.  Much safer for a crawling Fraasslette.  And much less noise from a clicky-nailed dog!

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