Friday, February 1, 2013


I was thinking about my brother the other day, because it was his birthday.  And then, it was three days later.  Oops.  Happy birthday, (Uncle Traveling) Matt!

And speaking of brothers and sisters, that is my segue into the fact that we'll be finding out the sex in two weeks (assuming the baby cooperates).  We'll find out if we're having a Fraasslet, or a Fraasslette.  :-D

I had another appointment yesterday, just a quick one.  My blood pressure is great, my weight is fine, and I'm allowed to eat gorgonzola cheese (HOORAY).  That was on my list of Very Important Questions, and now I know.

I brought home a bunch of boxes from work and we're going to continue the house-purge/apartment searching.  We found two places we liked enough to fill out applications for.  (That doesn't feel right.  Oh well--sentence construction be damned.)  We're waiting to hear back on both, which is frustrating, because I think we both want one more than the other.  I'm worried that we'll get "stuck" with the other (more expensive) place, even though we did like it.  It's definitely more of an inconvenience.  It's farther away and not on the busline for Andy to get to work.  But it is significantly bigger and has laundry downstairs.

We also need to spend some time discussing and researching doulas.  From what I've read about them, it sounds like something that would be very helpful to have, and most offer a free initial meeting.  So, we should get started on that process if we're going to do it.

I'll try to do another round of pictures sometime this weekend.

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