Saturday, March 9, 2013

21 and six-sevenths weeks :)

Andy leaves for Microfossils in Houston tomorrow until Thursday, so I had to have pictures taken and post them today before my photographer (and his computer) leave.  Nearly 22 weeks, and it's finally starting to show.

I bought myself a belly band at Target today, because my pants are not fitting so comfortably these days.  Hence the dress again.  We also stopped by Jon and Serena's today and met baby Calvin.  Everyone there seems to be doing well.

We're making more progress on the apartment.  The washer and dryer were delivered on Wednesday(!!!) and we put the privacy film up on the bathroom windows.  Take that, wild animals that were watching us through the windows!

It was nice enough to have some of the windows open today for a while, which was really nice.  Brisco seemed to like having the front door open (with the screen door shut) so he could look and smell outside.  He got really anxious as we were getting ready to run errands today, but he didn't leave anything behind for us that we found when we got back.  He's doing so much better in this place than the old one, for whatever reason.

Speaking of the old place, today was our official "move-out" date there, though we've been gone for two weeks.  It's OFFICIALLY done.  Now we just wait for our security deposit back.

Have some pictures of Andy and Brisco!  He's practicing holding something like a baby.

Andy finally felt a kick from our girl the other evening.  It's nice that he can finally understand what I've been talking about.  Other than giving myself a backache sleeping on the couch the other day (I won't be doing that again), things are good.  :-D

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