Tuesday, March 26, 2013

24 weeks

I've had two cravings lately: a cinnamon roll, and matzo ball soup.  Today one of those cravings was fulfilled.  I called many restaurants in the area, and once we found one that had MBS, off we went.  Yum.  It didn't exactly put any of our CSA veggies to good use or anything, but it was what I wanted.  Which is nice to get, once in a while.  Or more often.

Andy put his head on my belly last night and our little girl kicked him in the face.  He basically dared her to, so good for her!  She's active a lot.  A couple of times I've felt her simultaneously in two spots at once, like she's stretching out and doing a kick-punch.

I'm starting to get more tired, still, I believe, from waking up a lot at night.  I've felt a little "off" the last few days, but considering how easy the first two trimesters have been, I'd be ok (not thrilled) with this being my new normal.

We met with a doula on Sunday, and we want to hire her.  (I haven't emailed her yet to make it official, though I really should!)

I've been working more on the registry, too, but we got a pretty large pile of stuff from my old nanny family, and they assured us that they'd only done a quick walkthrough and would definitely have more for us.  VERY nice of them.  I promise I'll post the registry here once it's complete.

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