Wednesday, March 20, 2013

23 weeks and change

We took the picture on the right day, and I'm even coincidentally wearing green on what happened to be St. Patrick's day, but then both of us alternated between feeling sick, so I'm not getting around to posting until now.

 It seems like we're both on the mend.  Andy had a cough and at one point a fever, while I seem to be just fighting it off, though that is enough to wipe me out.  It might be compounded by the fact that I'm not sleeping all that well.  I wake up a lot on my back (which is a position I'm not supposed to be in anymore).  I'm not sure if I wake up because it's uncomfortable and my body "knows" it's not supposed to do that, or what, but I wake up a lot these days (nights).

This past weekend, it was still in the thirties, but the snow was gone and the sun was shining.  We took the opportunity to get outside--Brisco got a grooming from me, and Andy started working on cleaning up our yard.  The last tenants left a lot of junk here, and though the landlord is supposed to deal with the bigger items once the snow's gone, there was plenty for Andy to do in the meantime.  Look how cute Brisco is!
 It snowed again the night before last.  The sun is back out, but for the first day of spring, we're not off to a great start.  That's ok.  Bonus Brisco picture.
Andy's done some good work getting Fraasslette's room decluttered.  The crib is partially assembled and we've started hanging things on our walls.  It makes such a nice difference to have things up to personalize a space, despite how I generally feel about "art."

Hey!  The radio just told me that today is Fred Rogers' birthday.  I sometimes read his quotes when I need a pick-me-up.  I also picked up his book The World According to Mr. Rogers at a bookstore for about $5.  Not sure why it was such a steal, but it's on our little girl's bookshelf along with some Dr. Seuss (thanks Mom!) and some other books from my childhood:  Zed and the Monsters, The Grouch in the Tower and Other Sillies, In the Night Kitchen and of course, The Complete Curious George Collection.  Others too, I'm sure.  :)

I started assembling our registry, and I'll post that once it's complete.  I guess if you were really sneaky you could guess that it's on Babies R Us, but I'm not sure I'm fully committed to what I've selected on there as of right now.  Buy us things at your own risk.  Or send food.  Always a safe bet.  :-)

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