Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week 21

There's somethin' happenin' in here
What it is, ain't exactly clear
There's a man with a gun over there...

Wait, no there's not.  And it's perfectly clear what's happening in there.  We've got a growing girl on our hands.  I've got a growing girl on my bladder.

We've been a full week in our new place now.  Today we moved the last stuff out of the old place and finished up the cleaning, and left the keys behind.  It feels great to have that behind us.  We're still figuring out the best places for everything here, but as you can see, we've got the magnetic alphabet up on the fridge, so all is well.

And this morning, there was banana bread (in scone form).  And a tired pooch.

We had another ultrasound appointment on Friday, but the new shots were mostly of feet, so I haven't scanned them for here.  They were able to see what they needed, which were mostly angles of her heart.  Not angels of her heart.  But that sounds nice too.

Shout out to Libby and Seann!  Thanks so much for the great gifts!  How cute are these?
I especially love the animal-feet.

And since I'm sharing pictures of baby/child clothes, I can't skip this jacket/cloak thingie that my mom made,  a few years ago already.  I think she said it was from a fairy-tale based pattern book.
Complete with a hand muff!  It won't fit until she's a toddler, probably, though Andy and I are bound to make a giant child.  Last but not least, I got these overalls today:
Little fleecy things.  So cute.  This is way too much fun.

I had some stomach pain last night, which was a bit worrisome, but it's gone away now.  Maybe it was the sauerkraut I had with dinner.  (It wasn't.)  Who knows.  Who what.  Anyway, I think things are starting to settle down for a while, which will be good.  Just in time for Andy to leave next weekend!

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