Sunday, March 31, 2013

25 Weeks and it's Easter!

New territory here, folks.  This is my first actual maternity shirt.  I have something new I can wear to work (at least for a while)!
 Cooking ginger chicken for dinner.
 "Is that for me?"
 A roadside find--a free highchair!  I stopped, and the woman who had left it there was outside and told me it worked just great.  We won't need it for quite a while, but hey, free stuff is great!  We'll give it a good scrubbing outside once it's a bit warmer.
Crib, Pack and Play (from my old nanny family), highchair, general messiness in what's-her-name's room.  I made progress on it shortly after the picture was taken.  Really.
 Nursing pillow, car seat, wipe warmer, 2T clothes in the bin.  I never could say no to free clothes, even if it's early!

 Last night I stumbled upon a recipe for Sriracha caramel corn (recipe here) and while the caramel didn't exactly turn out, it was delicious.
 This is less edible, but no less exciting: clothespins!  For our clothesline!
 I've used the clothesline twice in the last two days and I'm pretty sure it's my favorite thing.  Sorry baby and husband.  It makes me so, so happy!
Brisco found and liked my baby bump.

Have a happy Easter!

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